“In an ideal world, a pregnant woman would have a chiropractor,
an acupuncturist and a doula.”

-Abigail Regan, Licensed Midwife



What is an Acu-Doula?

Acu-Doula is the combined skills of a licensed acupuncturist and doula. Inspired by traditional healing arts, Acu-Doula provides expecting mothers and their partners with complete care through pregnancy, delivery and recovery.

Studies have shown the efficacy of prenatal acupuncture in reducing hours of labor and complications during birth. Doula support has shown to enhance the well being of both the mother and the child, contributing to fewer medical interventions. The marriage of Chinese medicine and doula-work provides a complete support system for the woman and helps her prepare for the smooth delivery of her child as well as recovery from childbirth.


What services does Acu-Doula offer?

  • Chinese Medicine:  Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Moxibustion
  • Doula Support
  • Placenta Encapsulation


What is a Doula?

The word "doula" comes from the ancient Greek meaning "a woman who serves" and is now used to refer to a trained and experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother before, during and just after birth.


What does Acu-Doula treat? 

  • Labor Preparation
  • Breech Presentation
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Edema
  • Pre-eclampsia
  • Induction
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Postpartum Pain & Recovery
  • Insufficient Lactation
  • Mastitis


Who Is Acu-Doula?

Yume Taskeuchi

Yume Takeuchi, MS, L.Ac. is a licensed acupuncturist and doula and the owner of Acu-Doula: Acupuncture & Birth Services in Berkeley. She received her Masters of Science in acupuncture from The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She attended her doula training at Natural Resources in San Francisco. She is currently getting certified as a Placenta Encapsulation specialist through Full Circle Placenta.

Yume’s skills as an acupuncturist and doula attend to both the body and mind of an expecting mother. She strongly believes in the marriage of Chinese medicine and labor-support, offering a truly holistic approach to birth. As an acupuncturist she is able to provide treatments that focus on women in their third trimester and help alleviate any issues or complications that may arise. She has the ability to help with post-natal care through the use of her acupuncture skills and herbal medicine knowledge. As a doula she is able to support and help prepare women and their partners for the arrival of their child. She has a keen ability to listen and understand what is needed and make those around her feel at ease. With her skills and compassion she hopes to provide an experience one can look back on with empowerment and love.