"My daughter became a toddler today, and I look back to my birth with a full sense of pride and love for my daughter, husband, and doula who together made it possible for me to have such a positive birth experience. I've never handled pain well. I usually hyperventilate, pass out, and make the situation a lot worse due to my panic. So, I wasn't really anticipating a graceful birth. Yume taught me how to breathe, especially during the worst pain of my life. Her warmth, sincerity, humor, and leadership guided our team through a 37-hour labor, mostly spent at home or in my neighborhood. My husband also benefited from Yume's example and quickly learned from her how to best support me. She made possible what often felt impossible. Thanks to her, I tapped some hidden strengths and learned new tools for pain management. When my daughter was born, Yume became part of our extended family. I highly recommend her for a better chance for a positive birth experience".

– Jenn Dorn


"Yume was such an integral part of my pregnancy and birth of our son! She provided much needed information for us on everything we needed from laboring positions, nutrition during and after birth, information on circumcision and calming/centering strategies. Her acupuncture was much appreciated after I fell and hurt my ribs...she made one of many house calls to speed my healing. She provided a calm, peaceful atmosphere while at the hospital, supported both my husband and I during labor and was able to document the birth for us. Yume also encapsulated my placenta and made a tincture for me for my later years. It was so awesome to come home from the hospital to have Yume there, making a healing soup and provide mother roasting techniques. We were so blown away by Yume's dedication to us and the birth of our son and she was truly a part of our experience. I would recommend her highly to anyone as her knowledge and true compassion made the experience so special. Thank you Yume!"

– Kelly Heavenor


"Yume was extremely knowledgeable and well informed and catered to my specific needs during my pregnancy. She has bedside manners that one would expect from any excellent Doctor and truly listens to how you are feeling and what you are looking for while commanding her expertise where needed. I made sure that she was aware of my intense fear of needles and despite knowing that I would be going through the most intense pain of my life during the impending labor & delivery, she made sure to ease my anxiety with each little needle she used on me (even though I could barely feel the needles). Even with my fear of needles, I found her treatments to be gentle and relaxing….I dozed off almost every time. I did not use her doula services but I did use her to get acupuncture treatments to prepare for labor and highly recommend her clinic (which I will add, she keeps exceptionally clean)". 

– Yumi Sato


"Yume was instrumental during my pregnancy. I received acupuncture treatments during my pregnancy as well as assistance with inducing labor after my due date had passed. She is kind, knowledgeable and attentive to your specific situation. I would highly recommend Yume in any capacity and have referred her services to other women in need of doula and/or acupuncture".

– Hollie Mitchell